Sophie T&D wig pink

Sophie Twist & Dance two coloured wig.

PinknLavender wig no ruler

Lavender & pink wig sold in a single pack.

Numerous wigs (having various lengths) were sold with the dolls and as separate play packs.  These wigs are one of the best features of the doll in that they can change the appearance of the doll and the wig stays intact with the doll. 

The number of wigs

Some sites state that there are 50 wigs sold, but this may only include the separate packs and exlude those sold on the dolls.

Due to the rapidly declining number of wigs for sale, not all the wigs have been seen, however, those seen will be described using the following:

1) A single wig sold in a blister(plastic) and paperboard set,

2) A single wig sold in a book type paperboard and plastic set,

3) Two wigs sold together in a blister and paperboard set (named two pack),

4) Pack of two wigs sold together as a Deluxe set (in a blister and paperboard set),

5) Special packs having two wigs (two pack) - such as the salon pack

6) The five wigs for the styling heads or girl-child sized (includes the two child sized styling heads),

7) The wigs sold with the dolls (will be added in early 2015).

8) The McDonald's toys are not described on this page as they have rooted hair on the dolls and small sized styling toys.

Note:- the wigs will be described using the outer fibre colour and then the inner fibre colour, unless the colour is ombred or with highlight colours. For Twist & Dance wigs - the first colour described is the predominant colour the doll is sold in (see table in 2015).   Auburn can also be referred to as red hair or ginger and all these words may be used on this site.  Blonde hair is available in many shades from the whitest - named platinum on this site - through to strawberry blonde which could also be described as red hair.  Sometimes the colour of the hair was unable to be differentiated between black or brown - computer screens are notorious for color changes - the wig is then described as per the seller or person describing the wig. The description with an "&" (ampersand) indicates that two colours were present on the wig - with the first colour the dominant colour or colours of the outer fibres.

Ref No. (keep till pictures updated) Retailed as single, double or deluxe Colour with Outfit
101 Single Auburn middle parting White spots on blue dress
103 Single Curly auburn fringe goes back Blue paisley top with pink trim and denim skirt
104 Single Auburn with side braids side braids are lighter Tennis outfit on Katie
102 Single Auburn & light highlights bangs Plaid black/white jacket and white top
105 Single Black side part, wavy Coral shaded dress (Girls Getaway)
106 Single Black & blue crimped side part Black and white striped dress with red trim
107 Single Black with dark blue highlights parting Alexis' pink and blue dress (It's My Nature)
108 Single Black with dark pink highlights middle parting and bangs Sophie wearing her dog walking top
110 Single Blonde very long with side part Peach coloured top and jeans
111 Single Blonde (light brown) bangs and twists on top Black and pink plaid outfit
112 Single Blonde (platinum) middle part with bangs Blue paisley top with pink trim and denim skirt
113 Single Blonde (platinum) & blue highlights (not visible) Blue scarf and black top
114 Single Blonde with pink ombre ends bangs Pink top, black and red skirt (Girls Getaway)
115 Single Blonde (yellow) middle parting with two pony tails Cowgirl outfit
109 Single Blonde with brown highlights side parting Yellow shorts set (Girls Getaway)
118 Single Blonde with cotton candy colours side part and bangs (not visible)
119 Single Blue (dark) & blonde side part and bangs Animal print top/scarf and blue jacket/top on Sophie
123 Single Brown with bangs side part Date night outfit - Alexis
124 Single Brown with purple highlights bangs Silver top with Hayden's It's My Nature plaid jacket
125 Single Brunette very long with bangs Purple tunic outfit with silver sleeves
138 Single Brunette with a braid possible middle parting with braid either side
139 Single Brunette and pink highlights middle parting Possibly wearing Hayden's adoption centre pink top
126 Single Lavender & pink side part on right Date night outfit - Alexis on Alexis
129 Single Pink with a fringe bangs (not visible)
130 Single Pink & black bangs and no parting Purple tunic outfit with silver sleeves on Daniela
131 Single Pink & lavender side part with bangs on right side Party dress
137 Single Pink & blonde with ornament long fringe taken to back with skull ornament Doll wears yellow vest, jeans and jacket
Not seen Green wig No details Not seen
116 Book type Long blonde side part Multi colour striped top and green hoodie
132 Book type Long pink bangs Sophie's original outfit - white blouse, pink scarf & blue jacket
128 Book type Caramel with a fringe bangs Red jacket on possibly Daniela
127 Book type Brunette with long blonde bangs long bangs and blonde highlights Sophie's original outfit
133 Book type Purple bangs and shorter length Turquoise top and scarf, Daniela's original outfit
120 Two pack  Bright blue bangs no outfit
116 Two pack  Long blonde side part no outfit
116 Two pack  Long blonde (not visible) no outfit
133 Two pack  Purple (not visible) no outfit
117 Two pack  Blonde with hidden pale blue streaks middle parting and bangs Peach coloured top and jeans
134 Two pack  Brown middle parting   Pink top blue jacket
112 Two pack Deluxe Platinum blonde middle parting no outfit
Two pack Deluxe Brunette with bangs and dark pink highlights bangs no outfit
120 Two pack Deluxe Bright blue bangs Blue top and denims
135 Two pack Deluxe Caramel bangs Blue top and denims
136 Two pack Deluxe Pink bangs Blue top and denims
105 Two pack Deluxe Dark wig (unidentified) side part and bangs? Blue top and denims
140 Salon set Platinum blonde bangs Sophie & Daniela in original outfits on cover of pack
141 Salon set Curly pink wig parting not clearly visible Sophie & Daniela in original outfits on cover of pack
142 Styling Pink styling head wig bands no outfit
143 Styling Mauve styling head wig side parting no outfit
144 Styling Brunette & blonde styling head wig bangs no outfit
145 Styling Blonde & pink styling head and wig bangs no outfit
146 Styling Brunette & purple styling head & wig bangs no outfit