The Liv doll featured on the front graphic for this pack is Alexis.  The dolls on the back graphic of the pack has three large pictures of Alexis and then the three besties (left to right) Daniela, Sophie and Alexis.

The text from the back of the pack: "OMG it's Alexis' Bday and to celebrate we're spending a full day at the spa! Extensions, streaks, manis, pedis - we're getting the ultimate makeover.  Nothing like a day of pampering with me and my besties".

Contents of the pack

The pack has the following items: 1 spa chair, 1 towel, 1 spa work surface, 1 hairdryer, 1 basin, 1 fitted hairdryer, 1 cabinet with a few items on top, a pink face mask, a few other accessories and 2 hair extensions - one blue the other pink with a blonde end.

Colour scheme (based on graphics)

The colour of the spa surface is mauve and white.  The hairdryer is pink, the basin is clear blue plastic, the cabinet is mauve and white and the fitted hairdryer is grey in colour.