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Liv Spa wave: Daniela, Sophie and Alexis.

This line was released September 2011 though it was seen in the Summer at Target stores. It features the three main characters. In this line it is Alexis' birthday so they go to the spa. Each doll comes with a robe and a bottle with Sophie also bringing her glasses. Daniela is the other doll released in this wave.

These dolls have color change technology to change their makeup, nail and hair color. This changes with icy cold water or a cold climate and changes back with warm water or a warm climate. These were the last Liv dolls to bring the completely articulated body. The shoe molds on these dolls were used on the 'For Color' and 'Brites' dolls. These were also the first dolls to have a photoshopped smile on the prototype images. The line


also included a spa set which had a hair washer (to change the hair), hair dryer (to clip extensions on), mirror, drawer, accesories, head mask or head treatment (to change make up), and cups to change the nails.