Sophie and purse outfit

Sophie's purse outfit.

The Sophie's purse outfit had a bonus feature in that there was a human sized purse in the pack.


A horizontal striped navy, white and thin red bands of colour printed fabric was used to make a round necked long sleeved top.  Velcro is possibly used to close the top on the back panel.

A pink coat that has eight white fake buttons on the front and velcros closed in the front.  There appear to be fake pockets in the front.

A grey knit scarf is used to wrap around the throat of the doll.


A dark blue pair of denims with pink flowers set in a pattern on the left hip of the pants.  The stitching could be in pink.


Not visible.


A rigid blue plastic handbag without any openings or closures and unable to store anything but having the same decorative pattern as the human sized purse.


None noted.


A black beret type hat, possibly with small pink shapes on the band.  A pair of black framed spectacles (glasses).

Doll wearing the outfit

The doll featured on the front of the pack is SophieSophie is also the doll wearing the outfit in the pack.  Sophie is wearing a straight blonde wig with caramel highlights.