Sophie T&D

Eye colour:


Name of dog:


Name of horse:


Activities done:

Scooter driver

After school activity:

Hair design


Has 4 BFFs

Sophie Its My Nature

Sophie wearing her glasses from the It's My Nature wave.

Liv Face no wig Sophie

Sophie (It's My Nature) view of her face without a wig.

Sophie is one of the original main characters in the Liv line and is
seen as one of the three main characters.

Sophie has a Shih Tzu dog named Frizzy. She has a white rabbit in the Wonderland set.

Sophie is usually seen wearing trend setting clothes (in blues, purples or white) and bold make-up.  She is believed to wear make-up.

Sophie appears in the 'Liv in Wonderland' series as Alice.

Sophie presumably helps style hair and her scooter was a birthday gift (School’s Out wave).


Sophie’s default coloring is platinum blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin. She wears glasses. However, in some versions Sophie has different colored hair in the 'Twist N Dance' it is blonde or reverses to bright pink. Sophie is often sold with a blonde wig with a few highlights that match her outfit.

Sophie has a bright pink wig - that is very long - in the Brites release, she also wears a neon yellow dress with a pink heart sewn on the front.


Sophie is often seen as the leader of the group. She is an optimistic fashion lover who loves to style hair.

There is a McDonald's toy liv doll available.

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