Sophie in wig

Sophie (It's My Nature) wearing the blonde with brown highlights wig and wearing the Rock Concert top.

Liv high heels cropped

Liv doll wearing black strappy high-heeled sandals from the Rock Concert outfit.

Rock concert outfit turquoise dress

The rock concert outfit on the left of the two outfit pack.

The Rock Concert Outfit r
etail cost was R149 (or $15).


Pink jersey cloth with a black mesh only over the front. A Union Jack flag is centred on the front at breast level. Velcro is used to close the top up in the back.


Blue denim pants with yellow(?) sewing and frayed edges at the leg hems. The pants velcro closed in the front.


Strappy black sandals (shoes) with high heels and made from flexible plastic.


A rigid black plastic handbag without any openings or closures and unable to store anything.


A brown plastic bracelet and plastic gold hoop earrings were included in the pack.

Doll wearing the outfit

The doll featured on the front of the backing card is unknown and could be Sophie