Salon wigs

The platinum blonde wig with a fringe in the spa wig and chair playset.

The platinum blonde wig with bangs is retailed in the salon set with a curly pink wig. The salon set also has a pink, purple and brunette hairpiece.

Main colour

This wig has platinum (light) blonde fibres as the only colour.

Style of wig

The wig has bangs (or a fringe) with a central parting and the wig length is a longer length wig. The hair is straight and gently tied into two ponytails in the pack. The length of the hair extends about 8 cm past the wig cap.

Graphics on the backing card

Neither doll shown on the graphics of the pack are wearing this wig - this wig is shown on a wig stand. Sophie is pictured curling Daniela's hair and it appears that both dolls are wearing their original outfits and wigs

Similar wigs

A similar wig in terms of the colour is the platinum blonde wig.