There were numerous outfits available for the Liv girl dolls and Jake (the boy doll).  The following table is a list in order to aid with viewing the outfits.

Ref No. Name on wiki range Coats Sports Tops PJs Skirt/dress Pants/shorts Name in bold or else it’s a guess
252 Union Jack dress x Daniela
208 Guitar top & striped skirt outfit x   Sophie
216 Line print dress   x Alexis
217 Line print dress with denims Liv 'n Fab x   Sophie
207 Flimsy top & pants Liv 'n Fab x   x Sophie
253 Warrier weekend wear x   x *
214 Katie's shorts outfit Liv 'n Chill x x Katie
235 Red & grey striped top with pale denim pants Liv 'n Comfy x x Sophie
211 Jacket, scarf & pants (blank) x none
244 Striped top with floral skirt (blank) x   x none
236 Red jacket & denims (blank) x x none
202 Candy striped top & denim skirt Liv 'n Cool x x Alexis
219 Liv 'n Wild Dress Liv 'n Wild x Alexis
238 Rock Concert Outfit Liv 'n Rock x   x Katie
250 Turquoise dress & blue shoes   x Hayden
201 Camo jacket Liv 'n Wild x Sophie
210 Hooded pea coat Liv 'n Posh x Alexis
222 Motorcycle jacket Liv 'n Rock x x Daniela
226 Orange parka Liv 'n Cozy x Katie
251 Turquoise trench coat Liv 'n Hip x Hayden
242 Silver tunic & pink leggings (blank) x x none
221 Mauve dress & fluffy white shrug (blank) x none
241 Silver top & blue pin striped pants (blank) x x none
230 Purple top, skirt & leggings none
200 Blue bubble hemmed dress none
232 Purple v-neck top & pants none
203 Cowgirl outfit x Hayden
204 Date Night outfit - Alexis Liv for hair   Alexis
205 Date Night outfit - Jake x   x Jake
206 Eco outfit x x Hayden
209 Hayden's riding Outfit It's My Nature x x x Hayden
212 Jogging outfit Liv 'n Fit x x x Daniela
213 Katie's riding Outfit It's My Nature x x x Katie
215 Lifeguard x x Jake
218 Liv 'n Glitz dress Liv 'n Glitz x Alexis
220 Liv 'n Wild Top & Skirt Liv 'n Wild x x Daniela
223 Movie Night outfit (blank) ? x Sophie
224 Night Out clothes for Jake Liv for hair x x Jake
225 Night Out dress (blank) x Hayden
227 Party outfit (blank) x Daniela
228 Peach coloured top and jeans x   x Sophie
229 Punk outfit x x (find)
231 Purple tunic outfit Liv for hair x   x Daniela
233 Pyjamas with the pink gown Liv 'n Cosy x   Sophie
234 Rain gear x x x Sophie
237 Riding outfit
239 Sail Away outfit (blank) x x x Katie
240 Shorts set with cool graphic
243 Sophie's purse outfit x x   x Sophie
245 Summer vacation outfit (blank) x x Katie
246 Sweet Dreams Liv 'n Comfy x   Alexis
247 Tennis outfit Liv 'n Sporty x ? x Sophie
248 Tracksuit outfit Liv 'n Cool x x x Katie
249 Turquoise tie dyed dress & pants Liv 'n Hip x   x Hayden