This wikia has the doll releases - described as Waves - and the characters (or dolls).  However, it is sometimes difficult to see the overall picture, so this table is reproduced for clarity. 

Number of named dolls available (worldwide)

The table indicates that 62 named dolls were available worldwide - 1 was a male doll and 61 were girl dolls. 

Doll_name Year Doll_range Outfit Hair colour Hair_length Hair_type Bangs
Sophie 2009 Originals White printed tee, plaid skirt, denim jacket, pink scarf, white leggings Platinum blonde Long straight
Katie 2009 Originals Blue beanie, pink scarf, green jacket, striped top, white pants brown Long plaits (striaght)
Daniela 2009 Originals Green jacket, black leggings, striped scarf Brown Long straight
Alexis 2009 Originals Red shrug, red print top, black leggings and boots Brown Long curly
Sophie 2010 Schools out/After school Argyle jersey, grey skirt Platinum Blonde Long Straight
Katie 2010 Schools out/After school Check shirt, blue leggings Brunette Long Wavy
Hayden 2010 Schools out/After school Pink blouse, khaki shorts Honey blonde Long Curly to Wavy
Daniela 2010 Schools out/After school Purple top, denim shorts, purple leggings Black
Alexis 2010 Schools out/After school Yellow/green top, pink leggings Brunette Long
Hayden 2010 Pet adoption centre Pink blouse, khaki shorts Blonde Long Curly
Sophie 2010 Moonlight Dance (Target exclusive) Purple dress with silver shrug Yellow blonde Long Curly
Daniela 2010 Moonlight Dance (Target exclusive) Green dress, black stockings Brunette Long Curly
Katie 2010 Moonlight Dance (Target exclusive) Dark blue top, black legs Black with blonde under Long Straight
Alexis 2010 Moonlight Dance (Target exclusive) Red dress with brown stole Brunette Long Curly
Katie 2010 Liv Puppies_SK8 Turq top with striped sleeves, denims Brunette Long Straight
Alexis 2010 Liv Puppies_Lacey Blue top, pink trim and denim shirt Brunette Long Straight
Daniela 2010 Liv Puppies_DJ Pink and black plaid outfit Black Long Straight
Sophie 2010 Liv Puppies_Frizzy Purple one shoulder top, shorts, purple leggings Blonde Long Straight
Sophie 2010 It's my Nature Pink top, vest, denim skirt, blue leggings Platinum blonde Long Straight
Katie 2010 It's my Nature yellow top, denim shorts, purple hat Brown Long Straight
Hayden 2010 It's my Nature yellow top, green shorts, plaid jacket Blonde Long Curly
Daniela 2010 It's my Nature Blue top and denims Black Long Straight
Alexis 2010 It's my Nature pink and blue dress, pink jacket, lime leggings Brown Long Wavy
Sophie 2011 Twist & Dance Blue bustier, black lace pants Blonde and pink Long Straight
Katie 2011 Twist & Dance black top, green pants Brown and purple Long Straight
Hayden 2011 Twist & Dance Pink tiered top, maroon capris Blonde & brown Long Curly
Daniela 2011 Twist & Dance black printed vest, printed tights Black and dark blonde Long Straight
Alexis 2011 Twist & Dance Bright pink top, grey pants Brown and blue Long Curly
Sophie 2011 Spa or Color Change Pink robe, pink and white dress Blonde & pink Long Straight
Daniela 2011 Spa or Color Change Blue robe, blue dress Brown & pink Long Straight
Alexis 2011 Spa or Color Change Purple robe, purple dress Black & pink? Long Curly
Sophie 2011 Making Waves Pink plaid bikini costume Platinum blonde Long Straight
Katie 2011 Making Waves Green/blue bikini Brunette Long Wavy
Jake 2011 Making Waves Red top and plaid shorts Brun - rooted Short Straight
Hayden 2011 Making Waves Plum bikini Blonde Long Curly
Daniela 2011 Making Waves Blue top and blue shorts Brunette Long Straight Bangs
Alexis 2011 Making Waves White top and pink shorts Brunette Long Wavy
Sophie 2011 In wonderland Pale blue dress and white top Platinum blonde & blue Long Curly
Katie 2011 In wonderland red/white/blue diamond dress Brown & purple Long Crimped
Hayden 2011 In wonderland pink and purple dress Blonde & pink streaks Long Straight
Daniela 2011 In wonderland white dress Silver & brown Long Straight
Alexis 2011 In wonderland black and red dress Red & brown Long  
Hayden 2011 Haydens house cute floral dress Blonde Long Curly
Sophie 2012 Sleepover party Pink nightie Blonde Long Straight
Daniela 2012 Sleepover party Dark top & purple short pjs Bunette Long bangs
Alexis 2012 Sleepover party Purple top & short pjs  
Sophie 2012 Liv for Color Blue dress    Cyan blue Long Straight
Katie 2012 Liv for Color Fuschia dress Fuschia  Long Straight
Hayden 2012 Liv for Color Purple dress   Purple Long Straight
Daniela 2012 Liv for Color Red dress   Red Long Straight
Alexis 2012 Liv for Color Pale pink dress Pale pink Long Straight
Sophie 2012 Girls Getaway blue dress with white spots Blonde Long Straight
Katie 2012 Girls Getaway yellow short set Brunette middle parted Long Straight
Hayden 2012 Girls Getaway pink top, black skirt, coral frill Blonde with braids Long Wavy
Daniela 2012 Girls Getaway black and white striped, with pink trim Black Very long Straight
Alexis 2012 Girls Getaway coral dress, 3 tiered Bunette Long Wavy
Sophie 2012 Brites (Target exclusive) yellow dress & pink heart Bright pink Long Straight
Katie 2012 Brites (Target exclusive) purple green spots on white dress, green mesh vest Purple Long Straight
Alexis 2012 Brites (Target exclusive) orange and blue dress Orange Long Curly
Sophie Unknown Sophie's purse outfit see the page Platinum blonde Long Straight
Katie Unknown Katie & Walnut see the page Brunette Long see page
Hayden Unknown Hayden & Clover see the page Blonde Long Curly