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Katie is one of the original four characters in the Liv line but she is not one of the three main characters as she has been released less often than Daniela.</span> Katie’s default coloring is brown hair, green eyes and pale skin. However, in some versions Katie has different colored hair in the 'Twist N Dance'  wave it is brown and reverses to purple. 

As mentioned Katie was introduced originally and is not seen as one of the three main characters – they are Alexis, Sophie and Daniela.

Katie is the sporty and athletic one of the group. While great at skateboarding and riding and ramping with her bike, take away her wheels and she is a total klutz! Katie has a border collie dog named Sk8. 

Katie is sold with her bay colored horse named Walnut.

Katie is more of a tomboy and thus usually wears earthy tones such as green, blue, yellow, brown, black and occasionally red. Her style is also more tom-boyish and typically she doesn't wear dresses, skirts or heels. However, there are exceptions to this. Katie typically wears more natural makeup than the other girls.

Katie appears in the 'Liv in Wonderland' series as the Mad Hatter.

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