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Pet Adoption centre worker


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Hayden as the White Rabbit in 'Liv in Wonderland'.

Hayden Price is a character in the Liv line.

Hayden was introduced in 2010, one year after the original four girl dolls. Hayden first appeared in the School’s Out wave.

Hayden’s default coloring is blonde hair, green eyes and pale skin. However, in some versions Hayden has different colored hair (Hayden's Toys 'R' Us Exclusive house set and 'Twist N Dance').

Hayden is the eco-friendly girl in the group. She is an animal lover who volunteers in the pet adoption center and she loves the outdoors. Hayden is the friend that helps the girls make decisions and ends up taking them to the maple lodge in the outdoors.

She owns a horse named Nutmeg. There is also a playset with Hayden and a grey horse named Clover. There are the following unnamed pets - a white cat, a daschund-like dog, a bird and a brown hamster (according to - in Hayden’s pet adoption center.

Hayden often wears a retro-chic style and is typically seen with natural make-up.

Hayden appears in the 'Liv in Wonderland' series as the White Rabbit.  She wears a purple dress and wig in the 'Liv for Color' release of dolls.

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