Three dolls were released in the Brites wave.  This was a Target exclusive set of dolls.

The dolls released were Sophie, Alexis and Katie.

The dolls had lost the articulation in the wrists and elbows.


The clothes were simple dresses with bright colours.  Sophie has a neon yellow dress with a big pink heart appliqued to the front of the dress.

Alexis' dress is believed to also have a heart appliqued on to the front of the dress.Katie wears a white boob tube dress with large purple and green dots printed alternatively at an oblique angle. Katie also has a green vest possibly made from a plastic fabric.


Each doll had a pair of sunglasses and a hairbrush (not recommended for use). The Sophie doll pack has yellow sunglasses and a yellow hairbrush and also had a pink handbag that had ruffles on it; a pale yellow and pink ring in a child size were also included.

The Alexis accessories will be described once seen.

The Katie doll pack has bright green sunglasses and a bright green hairbrush and also had a purple handbag with a bright green; two hairclips in a child size were also included - one is bright green the other is purple.


The wigs were long and also a bright colour with Sophie having a pink wig, Alexis an orange wig and Katie a purple wig.