Sophie tnd in wig bb up

Sophie Twist & Dance wearing the blonde with brown highlight wig.

Sophie in wig

Sophie (It's My Nature) wearing the blonde with brown highlights wig.

Blonde with brown in pack wig crop

The wig when new - the hairstyle has a some hair strands swept to the side and tied at the back.

Wig 109 crop

The blonde with brown highlights wig showing the backing card.

The blonde with brown highlights wig is sold in a single pack. 

The official website refers to this wig as 'Honey Blonde'.

Main colours

The main colour is blonde with pale brown highlights across the entire wig.

Style of wig

The wig has a right side parting and some hair on the left is swept across the head by tying into a ponytail - also called a twist style.  The hair is straight.  The length of the hair extends 9.5 cm past the wig cap.

The ties that hold the wig in place cause kinks to form on the hair - one year after release from the packaging the wig is still kinked from the ties.

Graphics on the backing card

The doll on the backing card is Alexis wearing the yellow outfit from the Girls Getaway range.

Similar wigs

There is no similar wig in terms of colour and style, however, the blonde with caramel highlights wig could be a fair substitue.